ELISA sample testing service

Equus Biotech has a team of more than 20 years of ELISA research and development, dedicated to the development, testing and optimization of ELISA kits. The reagents used in the kits are 100% imported from foreign countries such as high-adsorption plates and chemical detection substrates. The quality is good and the products are favored by old customers.

The company not only sells a variety of high-quality ELISA kits, but also provides sample testing services such as serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, and tissue homogenization.

Service flow chart is as follows:


1、Intentional communication

Service number:E0000-00

Charge standard: charge based on 96T

Communication content: After receiving the service consultation, the sales staff of the company communicates with the customer the details of the test indicators, the test species, the type and quantity of the test samples.

2、sign a contract

If you need to provide the agency service, you can call the company's website service hotline or download the ELISA kit test service agreement from the company website.

3、Sample reception

1)The customer is required to provide a test sample and a sample list;

2)Customers are required to provide ELISA kits for testing. The company can provide more than 500 kits for selection;

3)After the test is completed, the customer can choose the remaining sample processing method:

Custody Return Arbitrary disposal
Custody time Custody fee Mail, pay According to laboratory biosafety control rules and waste disposal methods
1 month none

Remarks: Sample collection and preservation methods can refer to the Excell Bio ELISA Kit instructions. The specific operation precautions can be communicated with the bioscientists at the company's research center.

4、Submit pre-experiment data

Because the ELISA kit detection process involves many factors such as antigen-antibody pairing, antibody specificity, and binding force, it is critical to perform ELISA pre-experiment. After receiving the sample and ELISA kit, the biologist at the company's development center will conduct a sample pre-experiment. After the pre-experiment is completed, the pre-experiment results will be communicated to the customer.

5、Submit a formal lab report

After the pre-experiment results are approved by the customer, the company will provide the test report to the customer according to the standard of 5-10 working days for each variety. The specific details can be agreed with the bio-scientists of the company's research center and the content of the test service agreement shall prevail. .

After the formal inspection is completed, the company will issue a complete set of test reports, including the experimental instrument equipment model, raw data, standard curve analysis, sample concentration analysis and so on.

6、Technical after services

Customers who purchase the ExCell Bio brand ELISA test kit will provide after-sales technical services for the results of the test. The kits sold by our company only provide the test data.

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